ASACC: Associación de Salas de Conciertos de Cataluña

Catalonia Concert Venues Association (Associació de Sales de Concerts de Catalunya – ASACC) was officially constituted on November 8th 2001.

The idea of creating ASACC was originated in the frame of “XIII Mercat de Música Viva de Vic” (Vic Live Music Market) due to the meeting of Catalonia most important representatives, and received all the present institutions´ support.

ASACC was born with the objective of acknowledging the necessity of protecting, promoting and spreading Concert Venues.

Any town should have at its disposal a range of basic cultural tools such as a library, a theatre and, of course, a live music venue. Besides the cultural recognition of the concert halls that everyone already agrees with, there is a need to obtain impartiality in applying laws and norms that affect Music Venues. It becomes thus a priority to request legislative changes necessary for a right development of these spaces.

In 2007, ASACC encouraged a vindicating campaign in favour of live music and in defence of their spaces.

As a result of this initiative, through which music clubs and musicians put their heads together, a commitment from the administration was born in order to search ways to guarantee the best conditions to work with concert venues.

First one came from the Mayor, who offered 1 million euros for refurbishing and adapting the venues, and modified one law which will enable live music in bars.

The Ministry of Culture, Generalitat (the regional government) and Barcelona City Council work together in order to create a consortium of restoration of venues, such as the one created for the restoration of private theatres.

Agreements with the Ministry of Culture, Generalitat de Catalunya and City Councils, as well as other political representatives, look for consolidating this will of protecting, promoting and spreading both live music and the spaces that make it possible.

According to this working direction, some amendments to the Bill of Games & Spectacle have been made from ASACC, some of which have been accepted.

ASACC´s objectives:

  • Promoting the creation of a consortium of restoration of music venues.
  • Getting support and assistance from the administration.
  • Researching on the impact that obsolete or excessive norms have on live music.
  • Researching on new technologies and their applications.
  • Signing agreements with copyright management societies that do not go against new authors and venues.
  • Managing circuits and agreements on exchanging artists from other regions of Spain.
  • Increasing the presence of the venues activities in media.
  • Protecting small venues and offering assistance to those who are starting.
  • Offering legal protection to the company.
  • In brief, taking part in everything that affects concert venues directly or indirectly, and stimulating, promoting and encouraging all the actions and initiatives that are done in benefit of their associates.

Conditions to become an ASACC´ s member:

  • 1. To keep a stable programme with, at least, 30 concerts per year.
  • 2. To be endorsed by two current members.


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